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Jordan and Christina SF pt1-Jordan and Christina SF-0095.jpg

Wherever love lands our cameras will be.


Wherever love lands our cameras will be.

 Katrina Nicole Photography photographed our wedding+engagement <3

We are Jon and Amy Rutherford, and we capture love.

We are newlyweds who embarked on the biggest journey of our lives: being a husband and wife photography team. Our friends call us "the Rutherfords." We adore our couples and families so much. We hail from Nor Cal, and we love to serve and photograph our local community. We give all the glory to God for every wonderful opportunity we get to photograph. The way we photograph is a direct result of the immense love we have received in Jesus.

What's our style?

We like to think of our style as "encouragingly documentary." We let moments happen right in front of our cameras, but we also help to make our clients feel comfortable. That's where the encouraging comes from. We laugh with you, & tell you to look cute in front of pretty walls. There's no need to worry about being camera shy. We just want to bring out the best in you & that's our style.

Amy's Favorites:

85-90% dark chocolate, Pride & Prejudice, The Little Rascals, the sound of baby giggles, kind words, & the color mint.

Jon's Favorites:

Anything chocolate, anything peanut butter, Batman, Iron Man, the color gray, a tool box, & helping & encouraging folks.



Reisinger anniversary-Reisinger-0016.jpg



What exactly is documentary photography?

-It's letting moments happen organically vs. contriving them. We like our couples to focus on each other vs. looking at the camera. It's all about moments over poses. If you dig this, then you are our kind of people.

Will I receive a disc or USB of my photos?

-Nope! Technology has progressed and so have we. We use an online web album that you can download and order prints directly from.

Can i have the raw photos unedited?

-That would be a negative. We work hard to make sure each photo is edited just right. Besides, who wants the lame-o photos where you accidentally blinked? We put the work in to deliver only the best moments from your day/session.

What cameras do you use?

-Canon 6d + 5d miii

What's your favorite lens?

-Amy: 35mm 1.4 & Jon:70-200mm 2.8