This little girl wanted to be a hair dresser like her mom, because she loved to talk to people. She grew up in the Kodak moment generation with mom and dad always ready with the camera. She did not know then how much a camera would change her life. It would take another 11 years to pick one up herself. 8 years after that she decided behind the camera felt like home, ending her retail chapter. A short few months after that she met the man who would become her second shooter, but most importantly her husband. And if you haven't guessed yet, that little girl is me, and thats our story. 

This isn't just a business for my husband and I, it's an extension of our deepest core value to love people through photography. Anything worth building takes time, and for us its been a decades long process as God has shown us how to steward the business, and our hearts.

This morning I decided it was time to end the long blogging hiatus because inspiration struck.  I walked to our hall cupboard to locate our family albums. (Admittedly I probably have not looked at them since we moved.) Nonetheless I went searching for a photo. I'm not sure why this one stood out to me, but I love it. You see this was the age where I loved wearing headbands (what child of the 90's didn't have a billion of them) and my younger sister was just about to arrive on the scene. But here in this photo, I was the youngest posing probably for dad's camera. And it's a sweet simple memory.

In a whirlwind of Instagram likes from people we've never met called followers, I want you to know: this is who we are. Behind Loves Landing is just a very, very, happy couple. In the years to come maybe we will have a team, and staff, and more importantly little Rutherfords. When we take a photo, it's for those in the photo to enjoy for years to come, and to share with their grand kids. As much of a mental high a "like storm" is I'd rather receive a sweet card in the mail saying you loved your session. Let's bring it back to the basics of loving one another, not just liking. Ya feel me? Cool.                
xo Amy